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Formerly known as Health Kinesiology

What is Natural Bio-Energetics (Health Kinesiology)?


Natural Bio-Energetics is a therapy that utilizes the body's natural energy system to analyze and effectively correct energy that has been mis-directed, blocked or corrupted thus resulting in enormous distress or even disease.

Formerly known as Health Kinesiology, it has been around since about 1978 but recently has undergone a name change to help truly describe what the therapy does. 


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    Find Out How Distance Natural BioEnergetics Appointments work        


How does Natural BioEnergetics Work? 

As I usually say, Natural BioEnergetics works on levels that most therapies, modern medicine and physical treatments usually can never access. It works to restore energy pathways that have broken down through environmental (extrinsic and intrinsic sources) causes. Once these pathways are corrected or restored, the body can start to work through its own healing process.


Let's Compare Natural BioEnergetics to a model that most people understand today - The Computer. You don't have to be very computer literate to understand that scientifically the computer works on a level of storing and retrieving data. It has intricate pathways (wires, computer chips, circuits) to help it maintain, store and retrieve data when the user needs it.

Well our body is very similar. Medical tells us that only our brains stores data. But science is now leading to conclusions that the entire body is involved in this process. Your body is a huge community of cells, organs, and circuitry (meridians and other energy channels smaller than the eye can see) that do the maintenance, storage and retrival of data and makes life possible. And like a computer, this can all break down.

Going back to the computer model. A computer is designed to handle a certain amount of stress for a short while. When functioning properly, it can handle a certain amount of workload with relatively no problems. But if not properly looked after (ie. anti-virus scans, defrags, proper shut down procedures,etc), it can develop glitches and problems that need professional help. 

In the Body, the same thing happens. The body can handle stress (extrinsic or intrinsic forms) for certain amounts of time. But in prolonged exposure without proper care, the body begins to form it's own glitches and breakdowns of it's own circuitry. Eventually this results in disease.

Natural BioEnergetics (NB) works to fix that broken down circuitry within the body. Where many modalities tone it and never actually fix it, NB works to actually fix it because toning is no good unless you fix the broken circuit/energy channel first. Once this is fixed, the body usually knows how to heal itself. 

So when we say we fix the body on a level most medical treatments cannot access, we really are accessing a different level. 



Since Shannon is the only certified Natural BioEnerfetics (Health Kinesiology) Practitioner in the Province, she is also making herself available for distant appointments by online for those who cannot travel to her location.


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Worried about cost?


Normally a Natural BioEnergetics (Health Kinesiology) appointment costs about $80 per session (90 minutes). However, we have just joined ranks with NWA that can offset some of that cost for you. Please consider joining them before you book an appointment.


Natural BioEnergetics ( Health Kinesiology ) is not normally a therapy that is covered by insurance except in special circumstances where you have special self-directed plans. Therefore, Essential Vitality is now partnering up with Neurological Wellness Association.


This membership automatically enables you to receive 50% off your first session (must be an NWA member). And 20% off all subsequent sessions. Those in financial distress may apply for financial help that can cover anywhere from 5% to 95% of the treatment cost. We encourage all clients to sign up for these FREE NWA benefits at no cost for Distance and in-office appointments. The appointment book will ask for an NWA number but this is optional.


For more information on NWA, visit the following link;


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