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Distance Natural BioEnergetic Appointments

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Natural BioEnergetic Therapy (Health Kinesiology) works on levels that some therapies, modern medicine and physical treatments usually can never access. It works to restore energy pathways that have broken down through environmental (extrinsic and intrinsic sources) causes. Once these pathways are corrected or restored, the body can start to work through its own healing process.

NBT (HK) has helped many work through issues in a variety of areas of health. It has complimented other areas of treatment and some use it exclusively to keep them well.


For more specific information on Natural BioEnergetics (Health Kinesiology), visit the following link;


  Natural BioEnergetic Therapy  


Distance Appointments


Since Shannon is the only certified HK practitioner in the province of Saskatchewan, she has had to make herself available to everyone in the province. Travelling to all corners of this vast province can be difficult so she is now working in a tele-health like setting for those who need it until we can train new practitioners in your area to accommodate (Learn how to start Health Kinesiology Training here). In fact many of the practitioners in Canada are starting to offer this service in this type of setting. It works well and eliminates the travel aspect for both client or practitioner.


All appointments are confidential and private. The connection is secure and appointments for children work as well as long as the parent is present.


All you need is a stable internet connection with a webcam. Most newer computers or smartphones have this on board. A small application may be needed to enable the appointment however, the software is not as invasive as Skype and more secure. 


To book a distance appointment, follow the link below. Please note that once the appointment is confirmed, first time clients will have a client intake form emailed to them that has to be returned before the appointment.


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Worried about cost?


Normally a Natural BioEnergetics appointment costs about $80 per session (90 minutes). However, we have just joined ranks with NWA that can offset some of that cost for you. Please consider joining them before you book an appointment.


Natural BioEnergetics is not normally a therapy that is covered by insurance except in special circumstances where you have special self-directed plans. Therefore, Essential Vitality is now partnering up with Neurological Wellness Association.


This membership automatically enables you to receive 50% off your first session (must be an NWA member). And 20% off all subsequent sessions. Those in financial distress may apply for financial help that can cover anywhere from 5% to 95% of the treatment cost. We encourage all clients to sign up for these FREE NWA benefits at no cost for Distance and in-office appointments. The appointment book will ask for an NWA number but this is optional.


For more information on NWA, visit the following link;


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