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Neurological Wellness Associaltion

Written by Administrator

The Neurological Wellness Association is an organization that Essential Vitality is proud to team up with. Although developed for persons afflicted with neurological disorders, it has a long list of areas that it can help people within.

One of the biggest challenges in Canada is that everyone has FREE health care. The problem with that FREE healthcare is that its making people sicker. Yet very few are willing to venture out to preventative or even natural alternative health care. I always hear "too bad your services are not covered!"

Neurological Wellness Association has at least looked at this area and is trying to make an alternative solution to this growing mindset. There are two types of client memberships within this associations. The basic FREE membership should give your all you need for your alternative health needs including: discounts on all discounted services, ability to qualify for financial aid plus many other features. 


All members;

  • Will receive 50% off their first session with us.
  • Will receive 25% off subsequent sessions.
  • And those on limited incomes can apply for financial assistance for their appointments of 5% to 95% off depending on their needs.


It pays for everyone to have a membership at NWA. And all you need is the FREE membership to access these deals.


Our services that would be discounted here at EV would include the following;

  • Health Kinesiology
  • Frequency Therapy (NLS)
  • Ionic Foot Cleanse
  • Pressotherapy

At this point I am doubtful as to whether Laser lipo would qualify unless it was a proven medical need and therefore would require special approval.


Below is a snapshot from their website of their two basic plans available to our clients. And because you are a client of ours, it will be a benefit to sign up for at least the FREE package.


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