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Laser FAQ's


Is Laser Lipo Safe?

Yes, it is. It is one of the safest mechanical methods in town. Locally other places utilize a form of cellular destruction such as cryo or cavitation with the idea of destroying your fat cells. This can cause problems down the road. 

Laser lipo stimulates a normal process within your body. It may take a little longer however it is much safer to use

What does a Lipo Laser Treatment look like?

Measurements before and after will be taken. You will have special laser panels strapped onto the troublesome areas that you require the treatment on. Once set up, you can lay there and relax for the thirty minutes of the treatment. 

Post treatment it is recommended that you do at least 15 minutes of a cardio exercise or utilize our pressotherapy machine. This is to trigger the lymphatic system to move the extruded content of the fat cells.

We will structure the pricing so that this is an option because some people may choose to take the treatment just before they go to the gym or initiate an outdoor cardio exercise instead of our pressotherapy.


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Will this replace regular dieting or exercise?

No, it will not. Actually, studies show that best results occur when simultaneous exercise programs and/or nutritional programs are observed while taking these treatments. In fact, as part of the treatment, client will be expected to do at least 15 minutes of cardio exercise or use the pressotherapy machine to initiate lymphatic clearing of the released fat content from the cells. 


We have personally seen the best results on those who incorporate a full lifestyle change (healthy diet and exercise). Help in this area is available through Essential Vitality. After a few months of running this service, we will be offering One on One or group lifestyle change support with our newly released program in September called "My Inside Make-Over

Do these inches stay off until the next treatment?

Lifestyle choices are important to keep these inches off. With proper diet and physical activity, yes, these inches can stay off. Our experience shows that those who follow the proper recommendations we make are more successful.

One other key thing to remember, this method only works on targeted spots only and not the whole body. Most people choose to work on the love handles. It is more considered a sculpting method rather than a weight loss method.


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Is this a permanent reduction?

I haven't heard of a permanent fix yet. Even bariatric surgery is not permanent. And there are quicker ways to loose the cellulite but most them are not safe or could cause increased risk of side effects further down the road. Most of these methods focus on tissue destruction and not a natural process (Such as cavitation and cryo methods).

Therefore, as an added option, we will be offering lifestyle classes and or one on one sessions as an added option to any package you choose for your laser lipo. (optional). 

This new program is to be released in September and it will be called "My Inside Makeover" ...Starting September 14th - Find more

Is there any side effects?

This is a cool low level laser and therefore should not provide any discomfort. Because the frequency and duration is strictly controlled, most people do not feel any side-effects. Side effects generally don't happen unless treatments are altered outside of the regular parameters. To date we have not seen any side effects however as with any treatment, there is always a slight possibility.

Is one treatment enough?

Honestly, for best results, NO, one treatment is not for various reasons. One treatment will only have minimal effects. Although you may see a slight difference on the first treatment, it unfortunately needs follow up treatment for the month to have a lasting effect.

The general recommendation (for best results) is 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks (total of 8 treatments). More is always an option however we recommend that you start here.

Package are designed on an individual basis to meet individual needs. These packages will ensure a discount starting at 10% off.


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How is this treatment different from Cryo or Cavitation?

Both Cavitation actually destroy your cells. Cavitation uses high frequency ultrasound that over excites the cells and causes them to burst thus spilling the contents. Cryo uses a freezing method with forces the cells to freeze and the cell membranes to rupture. Initially this may seem like a great idea but long term effects may ot be so desirable. As natural practitioners, we cannot endorse any procedure that would actually destroy your cells.

Laser lipo is a cold laser that does not destroy the cells. It does however stimilate a process called lipolysis. Lipolysis is a natural metabolic pathway in your body that in certain times of caloric scarcity, will dip into these cells to obtain the much needed nutrients to feed your body. The trick is to have the body to move these excess triglycerides and fatty acids that have been just released by the lipolysis out of the body before they can take them up again. As in all of these types of cellulite reduction, some form of exercise, pressotherapy or vibrational movement is required to move these new fluids.


I have light skin. Will these be a problem?

No, we utilize a cold laser. You should not feel any heat from the paddles itself. You may feel a little increased body warmth as some people may perspire in the area that is being treated. This is only natural but there should not be any burning of the skin.



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How many lbs will I loose per session?

Laser lipo is not measured in pounds or kilograms. Muscle weighs more than fat and it may take several inches of fat before you notice a difference in pounds. We do measure you before and after each session to get an idea of where you are at. However, it is normal to do the traditional 2 or 3 steps forward and 1 step back for some people as you regulate to the new inches lost. Even though we may measure 1.5 inches lost, when you come back, you may only hold off 1 inch in between sessions each time as you progress towards your goal. This is normal and can fluctuate more with low exercise or poor eating habits.


What can I do to enhance my treatments?

As we said before, this is NOT a replacement for a regular lifestyle change or a weight loss/fitness program. This program is more intended for either those who are already on track for a lifestyle change or looking to implement one.

Key things you can do to enhance your experiece with laser lipo include:

  • Drinking at least 8 cups of water a day to help flush out toxins and the triglyceride/fatty acid fluid expelled during a session.
  • Continue with any (or start) proper lifestyle changing habits such as proper calorie intake and exercise program
  • Eat organic foods that are chemical free. Chemicals such as Round-Up are on 90% plus of our produce in stores and actual bind proper nutrients. GMO crops make over 95% of todays crops and mostly developed to withstand chemicals such as Round Up. There is research out there to suggest that these GMO crops have modified the glutan & protiens which seems to contribute to today's growing numbers of glutan tollerance issues.
  • Refrain from salt intake. Salt is everywhere and is not in just what you add in your food. The chemical (especially in prepared food) is added for taste or preservation. This salt adds unwanted water weight. If you notice that you are regaining all your inches that you lost per session, this is most likely the reason that you are doing so.

For thos who need help with modifying their lifestyle we offer two options for help. As private coaching and in group format. We are releasing this fall; "My Inside Makeover" program. Ask us for details or visit "My Inside Makevoer".



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