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Suddenly Awake

Not sure what you did to me yesterday, been on an emotional roller coaster since – either laughing or crying ... just kidding was an awesome session and so many things are suddenly falling into place; feel like I have been emotionally shut down for months and am suddenly awake!

~ Annie

Bad Car Accident

I had a car accident in 2010 that left me with 13 bones broke in my body and a brain injury. Four years later HK lowered my pain level to almost nothing and now I am mentally and physically ready to apply for nursing school in the fall.

~ Kayla

Dog with Separation Anxiety

Trooper  had extreme separation anxiety issues that stemmed from early in his life. One session and Trooper quit breaking out of his crate and destroying things. He became much calmer and enjoyable to be around after the use of Health Kinesiology.

~His Owner


I don't know where I would of been without Shannon after my car accident. She helped me overcome my concussion and the fear after my accident.

~ Dale

A Multitude of Help

I guess it wouldn't be fitting unless I had my own testimony, as a practitioner, about what HK has done for me.

I have not only worked on myself but I have also reached out to my colleagues in other provinces for help through Health kinesiology. I can usually keep myself in check for some of the basic needs however in the event of more demanding needs, that is when I look to my colleagues for their help.

I have had chronic back pain & sciatica that was brought into control, food allergies clear up (especially a 23-year pork allergy), anxiety issues decrease or subside altogether, and I have had to make fewer trips to the chiropractor all since starting my HK adventure. I was able to get a good hold on my magnesium deficiency issues and it also helped with focusing & goals.

I have seen amazing results on my family, my pets and many of my clients. Truthfully, I am always amazed at how HK still takes me by surprise when I tackle something new with myself or a client. And using health kinesiology is helping us find new goals in the treatment for my daughter who was born with special needs. Many put a lid on what they thought she could accomplish in life but with HK we are finding that her mentality is far more reaching than what we first thought. As a 22 year-old, she has never learned to read or write, feed herself or do any basic everyday skills you and I take for granted. We have already started to work with many of her issues but we have found out that she does have the capacity to continue to learn. And my goal for the next year is to continue to work with her in this area to unlock some of the treasures in her personality that we always knew were there. Please hold me to it and feel free to ask me from time to time as to how she is doing.

Everything is a process. Like Shrek says, "People are like onions. They have layers." And in time, these layers can be pealed away so that you are shining new star!

~ Shannon Andrews - HK Practitioner

Better Sleep from Foot Detox

When I first tried the foot detoxification process I had instant results. I slept better the first night and subsequent nights after that as well. My whole body feels better, my joints and muscles move and work easier. I recommend this process to anyone.

~ Elwin