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Hi, My name is Shannon, and I am Saskatchewan's first Health Kinesiology Practitioner. 

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Quote to Remember;

This condition does not control me. It is not who I am. And it is not a part of my identity.

I will survive without the attention or advantages I get from having this. With it, I am missing out on something greater in life than what that attention or advantage to this conditions gives me.

Therefore, I alone have the power to change my destiny. It is in my power to overcome this.

I will do whatever necessary to take the control away from this condition. I will take back my life!



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About Us

Shannon Andrews has recently become certified as Saskatchewan's First Health Kinesiology Practitioner.

When many people hear "Health Kinesiology" they think of the university program which focuses on a narrow area in healthcare. Health kinesiology and the science of Kinesiology do have similiar beginnings many decades ago but have gone down much different pathways. HK is a bio-energetic therapy that works on the natural energetic level to assist in removing blockage and re-introducing new information into the body allowing the body to work towards self healing.

Shannon began her journey into natural health around 2010 taking natural health classes. It was in 2014, she accidentally stumbled into Health Kinesiology not knowing how far it take her at that point. Now that Shannon completed her certification in Health Kinesiology she hopes to carry on her training soon and work towards her Phd in Natural Medicine.

Essential Vitality came to be in spring of 2014 when Shannon required a commercial place to do her practicing out of. In order to have a commercial spot, she required a business license. Thus Essential Vitality was birthed.

Being the first and only practitioner of this kind in Saskatchewan presents many challenges. Today, her main office is in Prince Albert and she can go to Saskatoon when needed for clients. However, if those from further ends of the province need this therapy, she can work with them through Skype appointments.

Today, Shannon has started to work on her PhD in natural medicine in order to increase her knowledge to help her clients. A special thanks goes out to all her clients that helped her get to where she is. Without them, she would of ever fathomed that she would of embarked on such a courageous journey of knowledge.

Through her journeys in training, Shannon has developed the Model "Helping you stay healthy by Helping you take back the control in your life!" Helping other is what it is all about. Essential Vitality's believe is that we are team members that help your along with your own journey of health with you in the driving seat. Shannon consider's herself more of a health coach putting you at the helm of this journey!

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