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Laser Lipo



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What is Laser Lipo?

Laser Lipo is a non-surgical, non-invasive, non-tissue damaging laser process that utilizes a dual wavelength cold laser to trigger a natural metabolic process called lipolysis.

Over time through poor lifestyle choices, our body stores the excess calories in our adipose tissue (fat cells). Normally, the only way to trigger a release of these stores is through the mode of starvation or extensive exercise. However, this laser will trigger the same natural release of these lipids and triglyceride storage thus causing the cells to decrease in size.

Does Bitterness make you sick?

Let me tell you a story of how bitterness affected a life and you can be the judge. This is a true story of how bitterness controlled someone's life.

Six things to help you manage your weight loss goals

What I have learned about laser lipo; was it what I thought it was?, Is it doing what I expected? Are my clients happy with it? And what was the hardest thing about it?


Life is a Journey

This is a different sort of a post. Maybe some stuff is coming out as I embark on my new journey for higher education in the field. Maybe it is because of the huge backlash I receive on facebook over my choices in the last few years. And maybe that it is just plain therapeutic for me to write about where I came from and where I have come too.


Whatever the reason, we all are on a journey. That journey is the most important part. At the other end there will be new awakenings and new ah ha moments. I hope this post will help others some day!


Help That Spring Workout Along with Pressotherapy...

A Healthy, Relaxing way to compliment any WL management or Workout program...

Pressotherapy can help by;

  • Assisting the body with the detoxification process
  • Move the lymphatics
  • Increase circulation
  • Assist with decreasing fluid retention
  • Help to increase vitality



Incorporating Presso with other weight management or workout programs can benefit your by;

  • Increasing cellulite reduction
  • Moving circulation
  • relaxing tired muscles

Take your pick from two different appointments

  • 1/2 hour appointment - $35
  • 1 hour appointment - $65

Or create a discount plan that works within you budget receiving from 10% to 30% off! Pre-Authorized payment plans available.


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Sessions Once or Twice a week can:


  • Help keep you on a steady path to cellulite reduction
  • Compliment any workout program or weight management program making them more successful
  • Give you a time of relaxation that while the presso machine does the work
  • Help fine tune and sculpture the body with a little more precision.
  • Help increase loosing centimetres that you so desperately need to loose
  • Help you overcome the water build up that sometimes occurs for some people.



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For More Information on Presso Therapy

Essential Vitality has had pressotherapy available for about a year now. For more information on this therapy. It has advantages for more than just those needing help with weight management. It has general health advantages as well.


Visit our Page on Pressotherapy Here




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