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New - treatment packages

Recently we had to implement the painful task of raising our prices on some of our services. It was only a small increase but in this time of uncertainty and lack of job security, especially in western Canada while we watch and hope for the price of oil to rise again, it can come as quite a let down to some who are requiring our services.

Not only that, very few insurance companies are funding this type of service anymore. Why? Well we know it one thing for sure. It isn't because the service doesn't work. It's most likely that the two largest industries in today's society are eating out of each other's pockets....Big Pharma and Insurance. And services in the natural health sector are eating into the profits of western medicine.

So we are hoping to make it a little easier on you by implement some packages that will allow you to access the same services for a discount

Our goal is to promote health, self-regulation and control. We believe you hold the power alone to being well. And therefore we feel we need to develop a system to make it easier for those needing the service to access it. So we have developed customized packages that work a lot like a little insurance plan however, once paid, your will never loose those sessions.


These packages;

  • Can be tailor made to fit your situation or route of therapy. You pick the type of services, the amount, etc.
  • Will have many payment options including full payment, credit card/debit payment, or pre-authorized debit.
  • Any applicable referral bonuses, new client discounts or other coupons can be worked into the price. (Please Note that any referral discounts earned during the package period will be worked in to any subsequent packages).
  • These packages can be a mix of services. For example, if you want a combination of ionic Foot Spa and health kinesiology, we can work it into the price. 
  • Discount will be dependant on price range  verses amount of sessions. This enables us to tailor the packages according to your needs. 
  • A punch-out type card will be assigned according to how your package is made up. We will keep this card in your file at the office in your file and it will be authorized by your facilitator.

Package prices & discounts 


  • Up to $300 worth of sessions (full price) - 10% discount will be applied.
  • $301 to $400 of sessions - 15% discount will be applied
  • $401 to 500 - 20% discount will be applied
  • 501 to $700 - 25% discount will be applied
  • $700  and up - 30% discount will be applied

First time client bonuses, referral bonuses and or coupons may be applied on top of this. 


Example Package:


  • 2 health Kinesiology sessions
  • 2 ionic foot cleanses
  • 2 Frequency Therapies
  • 2 pressotherapies

Full Retail Price: $380

Package discount: 15% off

Final Price (before coupounds or referral discounts): $323


Make your own package according to your treatment needs. Pick the payment option that works for you. If you need help, We can guide you through the process.

Think of it like an insurance program only the session package you buy will never expire. Many employee group insurance plans offer you limited natural health services per year. You don't use them, you loose them. 

For more information, please call us at 306.941.0617 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Call to book an information appointment about this option.



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