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The scoop on Essential Oils....

I have been a little slow at getting a blog running for this website....I know I havent been practicing what I preach. But one of my mentors asked me to share some information the other night on my knowledge of essential oils. I thought this was an awesome opportunity to get this blog kicked off.


Essential oils are basically derived from the life blood of the plant. A true essential oil will not have expiry dates and it will last in its bottle for years.


There are many essential oils on the market. I have seen good ones and bad ones. I personally look for those that have therapeutic qualities to them or are made at therapeutic  grade.

Pure essential oils are the best. Unfortunately many on the market are laced with carrier oils that cut down the potency of them. Although some essential oils may require a carrier oil, most of the oils can be pure without the use of these carrier oils. If a carrier oil is needed.....almost any natural oil can be used. Do research the carrier you want to use - when remixing oils - to find one with the best properties for your needs.

What can essential oils be used for?

Basically they have enormous homeopathic and preventative benefits. They are not just a smell enhancing oil or an air freshener as many think. 

It all depends on the oil you are using but I have used them for such things as;

  • Eliminaring or reducing infection... (especially in bug bites, cellulitis, Sinus infections, & more). A funny thing that has been discover in research of essential oils.....the known bugs in our environment cannot seem to be able to mutate from the natural chemistry of the essential oil, yet they mutate into superbugs from know pharmaceutical antibiotics.
  • Reducing or eliminating pain in muscles &/or nerves. Some oils have awesome analgesic properties for minimizing  pain in injured nerve or muscles. I used them often before I started on Zija products in the care of my disc pain. And I utilize a series of essential oils on the back and feet in a form of treatment called Raindrop therapy which aids in spine re-alignment, spre muscles and more.
  • Essential Oils can also be used in place of many chemical household cleaners. Using melaleuca oil and clove oil are two good examples which can kill more than the average household cleaner. Infact, Young Living has a great cleaner that is safe for most people that has antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties all in one and has a track record for even combating areas with mold contamination from water damage.....Theives. The thieves name was derived from the story of the grave robbers during the black plague centuries ago. They kept from getting sick by using this unique combination of oils. The Thieves name comes from the story of the grave Robbera during the black plague centuries ago. They warded off the plague with this unique combination of oils. Today YL markets this combination known as Theives in an oil blend or in products that contain the unique blend of oils.
  • I have also use essential oils as a healthy alternative to mosquito repellant. There are several oils that can be used. I currently use a series in a couple of lotion bars that I market in my store that are especially designed as bug repellents. I call one of them "Bugs Away" bars And the other one is "Coffee Delight".I hope to soon make a version for young kids as well.
  • One more use that some parents may like. Using several drops of Melaleuca oil (Tea tree) in you daily portion of shampoo can kill head lice. One year these nasty little bugs went thru 95% of my kids school and the normal head lice products couldnt cut it. I only could grasp control on the situation once we used melaleuca oil despite the backlash from the health nurses. 

I will post more on helpful little hints for essential oils as time goes on. Meanwhile one can purchase their own oils at;



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