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When you have no other choices available, try Health Kinesiology


This week's Session is based on Anxiety & Depression



Location: By online video conference;



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Thursday, March 30th


  • 7 pm Saskatchewan time (should be mountain time this time of the year)


Friday March 31St, 2017

  • 7 pm Saskatchewan time (Mountain Standard Time)



Saturday April 1St, 2017

  • 1 pm Saskatchewan time (Mountain Standard Time)
  • 4 pm Saskatchewan time (Mountain Standard Time)





Shannon is the first and only certified Health Kinesiology Practitioner in Saskatchewan. She is he been working with people for 3 years now both in office and by internet or phone.


She will be doing a series of group corrections over the next month and this week's  topic is about anxiety & /or depression. This group session is designed to give you an idea of how Health Kinesiology works.


 Health Kinesiology has been around for 40 years and has helped many in this area. It's founder was actually a psychologist.


We invite you to this web-conference Hk Session to come get an idea of how HK works and to see whether this passive therapy may be right for you.


This Group session will be;

  • Interactive

  • Helpful

  • & informative


It is designed for these kinds of people:

  • Those who know a little about health kinesiology but would like to check it out a little further before committing

  • Those who have never heard about it but are open to something knew

  • And for those who just can't get enough of this therapy. Yes even regular clients of mine are welcome.


This session is absolutely FREE. It is designed as a basic generalized sessions for those involved in it. The only difference between this session and a private session is that in private session we work on more specific issues according to your needs.


However, we do want to send you away with at least one coping skill before you leave for the night. So we encourage you to stay until the end of the session. 


Click Below to attend online or register for an email reminder.  Can't wait to meet you online!!!


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