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Group HK Sessions in PA

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“Group Sessions”




We have two more of three upcoming group sessions on the following topics;

  •  May 10, 17, 24, and 31st - Anxiety & Depression


Location: Essential Vitality Health Centre, 104-1100 1St Avenue East, PA.


COST: $15 per person


These are designed to start you off with a general set of corrections in this area and give you an idea of how Health Kinesiology can help you in these areas. Sessions will be interactive and informative.


There is no pre-requisite for any of the sessions other than the “Want & Need to take back the control in your life!” And we will be having more topics in the future.


Next Group Class is on Anxiety & Depression


For the Month of May we will be focusing on Anxiety and/or Depression. Statistics show that Anxiety and Depression is at an all time high. Anti-depression medication may give limited relief but it isn't a fix.


This group session is in the form of a support group with the added advantage of a Health Kinesiology session that is directed at all who attend the session. You will not only learn how HK works but will learn coping skills and information that may benefit you.


All information revealed in the group is to remain in the group. Private sessions (if you choose) can be booked on a later date (no obligation). This group is designed to give a starting hand to those who need it.


Remember:   Help is there is you want it and are willing to reach out for it.  Coming to this group session will be a good start. And for those receiving treatment from other areas, this will compliment what you are already receiving.


For more info or to register, Call Shannon @ 306-941-0617






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