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How Dirty Is Your Water?


Join the excitement and raise money for Autism. 

Come join in this competition and have fun while raising money for Autism. Our clients are enjoying this service, it's health benefits and partaking in a competition that helps others as well as their own needs. Numerous prizes and rewards for the dirties, cleanest and most interesting colored water....

First of all, what does the Ionic Foot cleanse do?

Many clients have claimed that the Ionic Foot cleanse has helped them in the following areas;
  • Reduced joint and muscle pain
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Increased energy
  • And heavy metal removal 

Learn more on the Ionic Foot Cleanse Here

And some of our clients have been posting their dirty water pictures.

So for the next month we are doing a promotion;

How Dirty Is Your Water?

So for the next month you can take part by doing; 

  1. Book and Appointment Here or calling 306-941-0617 ($45/session, first time appointments & Seniors receives 20% off).
  2. Come to the appointment armed with your camera to take pictures of your dirty water.
  3. Upload them to our Event Page Here
  4. Share it with all your friends challenging them to do better. (Earn discount credits for every friend who comes and takes up the challenge)
  5. Watch for the winners at the end of the competition.

 For every appointment that posts their pictures, $2 will be donated to Autism.


Appointments run about 35 to 40 minutes. We can set up 3 every half hour which is great for those who want to bring some friends along to try as well. Prices are as follows;

  • $45 per session
  • First time appointments receive 20% off ($36)
  • Earn referral bonus discounts by referring friends. Earn one referral bonus point per each friend who completes an appointment. (1 referral bonus = 1-20% off session)
  • Seniors always receive 20% off every session.
  • Or Use a coupon from Safeway (receipts) and receive 20% off.



          • The Dirtiest water - A Free session of your choice with essential vitality.


          • Runner up for the Dirtiest water - 50% off session of your choice.


          • The Cleanest water -  Free Session of your choice


          • Runner up for the Cleanest water - 50% off session of your choice.


          • The most interesting color - A Free Session


          • Runner up for the most interesting color - 50% off of any session of your choice.

 Prizes to be drawn on May 15th.


Book Time for a whole group and;

  • Receive Referral credits for all (one 20% off session per person)
  • Have your name go in for a draw the "Bonus Prize"
  • 20% off for everyone who attends

Call Shannon at 306-941-0617 to book a group!

Okay....let the games begin. Book your appointments and come armed with your cameras.


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We Accept the following at our appointments;

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