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Six things to help you manage your weight loss goals

What I have learned about laser lipo; was it what I thought it was?, Is it doing what I expected? Are my clients happy with it? And what was the hardest thing about it?



Well, there really isn't a short answer for any of these questions believe it or not. But I can tell you, I took over a year before I decided to take the plunge and add it to my line-up of services? 


My original concerns were was that it was counter active to the theme I wanted my services to represent in my business. I first looked into a possible franchise. The prices were outrages for the franchise and the prices that I would of been expected to charge to my clients were atrocious. 


I started to research into the service and was surprised to find out that there was no direct health destroying risk as opposed to cryo or cavitation. That really sparked my interest. So I then began to look into what types of lasers were most suitable for what I wanted.


The process took me about eight months but I finally came to the decision that laser was definitely a suitable service to add to my business.


In the first week after adding this service, I had seven people purchasing packages. It was a growing process for all of us. I needed to learn how to market the service. And I did really well that first week. In fact, it was the most I ever had with the introduction of any service within my business. And in a time of economic depression, that was very promising. 


How did the clients like it? For the most part very well. However, despite the greatest effort to market it properly as a supplemental treatment for other weight management programs, there is still those who want to use it as a replace the for regular lifestyle (well balanced healthy diet and regular exercise).


Here are six things you should do in any weight management program (not just laser lipo) in order to be sucessful;


1) Increase water intake: flushing the toxins out is what needs to be done. You need to clean your insides. First of all Our bodies need water for all those metabolic chemical reactions to work. Once all those chemical reactions are firing properly, the byproducts need to be eliminated from the body. Water is usually the best choice for most of this.


2) Decrease Salt intake: Salt hinders the flushing process and forces you to retain water. Infact, that sudden gain over night is usually related to increased salt intake. Salt intake is not only from that salt shaker you have on the table. It is found in so many prepared bought food like pizza pops, perogies,, pre-breaded or battered foods, noodles. It is put in there to taste but it does way more thank just adds taste. Limited your size of these portions doesn't cut it back enough. You need to eliminate them all.


3) Limit your sugar: sugar can have just as disastrous consequences as salt. It can cause water retention but excess of it also causes your body to go into storage mode and it will increase your fat stores. There are two types of sugars....your regular Table sugar (simple sugars) and your complex sugars like your starches and breads. All have potential to put on calories when used in excess. 


4) Watch what kind of fats you use: cut back on saturated fats. Stick to mostly plant based fats and very small amounts of animal fat. Certain animal fats are better than others. For example, many fish bring the valuable essential fatty acids known as the omegas which help with inflammation and feeding the brain valuable nutrients that it needs. Stay away from any manufactured fats such as any margerine, potato chips, etc. Fat should not be cut out all together but it should be lowered and modified to include the proper fats.


5) Increase vegetables: increasing vegetables, especially raw vegetables is extremely important on many levels. First of all, the roughage helps with regularity. It alkaline the blood this contributes to reversing inflammation, infection and cancer (among other things). And it contribute to proper digestion as it introduces valuable live enzymes to the digestive track.



6) Introducing regular exercise: This doesn't have to be a marathon right off the bat. For some people this could be starting to take a half hour brisk walk each day. Exercise can be increased as needed. For another person, this may be full circuit training. Start where you can and remember, challenging yourself each day to go a little further will go a long way and increase your stamina and help with your goals.


These are some starter point. That can get you going. If you want to incorporate laser lipo, we can help you work out some of these needs if you are stuck. A great place to start if you need to track your meals or exercise is 


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