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Does Bitterness make you sick?

Let me tell you a story of how bitterness affected a life and you can be the judge. This is a true story of how bitterness controlled someone's life.


A young girl grew up to two feuding parents. When she was six years of life, her parents separated and later divorced. To every divorce with kids, there are at least three sides; the mother's side, the father's side and the children's side.


The mother said the father cheated on her. The kids never knew anything but the uneasy atmosphere that was in the home. Finally, the father told the mother that it was over and left her with a family member one November day. He was going to find a new life with another woman.


The mother was destroyed. Her marriage was over and she had three little girls to raise and another little girl on the way. Her bitterness was overwhelming her and she didn't hold it back from her daughters. Every chance she had over the next several years, her daughters knew everything their father did to wrong her. If they dared to cross their allegeance over to their father, that would be the end of them despite the fact that their father paid child support and had visitation rights to the daughters.


Eventually both remarried. The father remarriend the same woman that the mother said he had an affair with. When the oldest daughter was 14, she wanted to try to live with her dad. It wasn't a matter of taking sides. It was just because the oldest daughter wanted to be on the farm so she could fulfill her love for horses.


The mother felt the daughter betrayed her and from that point on, the mother never let that daughter live it down. The daughter loved both parents. But felt the mother's cold hard bitterness daily. Finally at 17 years of age, she finally moved out on her own.


This young lady, well accustomed to the bitterness in her life, got married and raised three girls of her own. She harbored the same bitterness in her heart that she grew up with. If someone said something critical to her, she was bittner. When someone overlooked her, she was bittner. When a rumor was said about her, she was bitter.


In early 2000, she and her husband moved to a new town for a job for her. Four months into, a rumor was started that caused her to loose her job. It was a rumor that she was unaware of for at least seven more years. In that community she was treated like a criminal by most of the residents. She was bitter.


Accusations were made about her. The bitterness increased. False reports were made to social services. Her bitterness increased. The police harrassed her. The bitterness increased. She and her family lost their house to a fire with accusations that they started it. Her bitterness increased. Harrassment from their neighbours increased and so did her bitterness.


Illness and general unwellness set in. She was mis-diagnosed with a type of epilepsy. Her body started to break down bit by bit. At one point she was one 5 different medications.


Once day it was leaked that she lost her job for not having a license to practice in her field of study. And that threw her off the end. With that, she moved to another city and started he life over. But the bitterness didn't leave. And it was a struggle to move on.


Then one day, while sitting in church, a sermon was given on "Bitterness." Her whole life changed. Unaware of her bitterness until that point, she realized only she was responsible for her own bitterness. She was not responsible for what anyone else did to her. And whether they realized what they did or not, it was up to her only (no one else) to get over her own bitterness. And so she worked to rid that bitterness out of her life. And her outlook on life began to change and her health actually began to return as well.


Sound familiar? We see a similar pattern in many individuals and cultures today. They hang onto their own bitterness because they feel someone or some group has wronged them. Making them sick and out of control of their own lives.


Some groups are mad because of what another group did to them centuries ago. Hanging onto that bitterness, they want today's members of that culture to pay for sins for their forefathers decades and even centuries before. And restitution is paid, it still doesn't make it better because they haven't dealt with the bitterness that caused it in the first place.


Many become sick with that bitterness. Unfortunately, once that bitterness grabs hold, it is hard to let go. And until you take an active roll in trying to let go, it will always take hold and never let go. No one's retribution will ever fix that bitterness. Only you can fix that bitterness.


You, and only you have control of your life. Don't let bitterness take hold and gnarl and twist your life to shreds. When your body is subjected to that negative atmosphere, something is going to break down. Unfortunately, all too often, it's your health. An overload of negative hormones causes a negative environment. Eventually it can result in illness, infection, inflammation and even cancer if the negative parameters are not let up.


Forgiving and moving on is a choice. But it is the best choice you can make for yourself. Just as everyone has a choice to inflict harm on someone else, you have a choice to forgive for your own wellbeing. I suggest you consider forgicing as the first step to moving on to a better, healthier, more positive future.


Are you struggling with this in your life? Help is available. And Health Kinesiology can be an option to help those struggling in eliminating bitterness in their lives. Health Kinesiology can help in the restructuring the energy pathways that may be affected due to the bitterness.


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