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Laser Lipo



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What is Laser Lipo?

Laser Lipo is a non-surgical, non-invasive, non-tissue damaging laser process that utilizes a dual wavelength cold laser to trigger a natural metabolic process called lipolysis.

Over time through poor lifestyle choices, our body stores the excess calories in our adipose tissue (fat cells). Normally, the only way to trigger a release of these stores is through the mode of starvation or extensive exercise. However, this laser will trigger the same natural release of these lipids and triglyceride storage thus causing the cells to decrease in size.

 This should be considered as a targeting method for those hard to reduce areas and not a full body weight loss program. Targeted areas may include; the love handles, thighs, buttocks, arms, back, etc. We have seen anywhere from a 1/2 an inch to a 1.5 inch reduction after a 30 to minute treatment.

This treatment works best when incorporated along side of proper diet and lifestyle changes.



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Can we have evening appointments?

Yes, in fact most of our appointments can be booked outside of regular working hours. Our hours are by appointment only.

Our usual hours are from 5 pm to 10 pm week nights, Saturdays 10 until 7 pm. We also have every third Friday available during the day and the morning of the first Wednesday of the month (7am to 9:30am). 

Starting this month we will be offering some daytime hours on tuesday and thursday. Details coming soon. 

What is the cost?

We are going to make this irresistible so you do not want to travel for your Laser Lipo.

 Comparison cost chart to other centres.....we have done the footwork for you. Below is a chart to show what other treatment facilities are charging in other centres for this treatment.


Prince Albert Compared to Saskatoon  Compared to Edmonton Compared to Regina


(Add $10 or 15 minute cardio o pressotherapy post treatmetns)


Discount packages available.


(includes Post Cardio Treatment)


(Includes Post Cardio Treatment)


(Includes Post Cardio Treatment)

          Or you can buy a package (pre-authorized payment available) and receive 10% to 30% off the price.

Why so cheap? Is the laser as good as other places?

Yes it is as good. We just want to keep the business local and service Prince in Albert the best we can. At this point we have no intention to raise this price in the near future.

We also believe the competition in other places are raking everyone over the coals. We believe those prices are highway robbery.


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This Fall, we will be releasing a new lifestyle Classes - "My Inside Makeover"

These are optional but will be designed to help those needing help in changing their lifestyle. The cost will be minimal, details will be released soon, however, those who register for a package will automatically qualify for half price! Find out more about this program here

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