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Heightened Awareness

I first came across this term back in the mid-90's. My husband and I were further our education in our disaster restoration business. At the time we were taking a course in first and smoke restoration by a renowned expert in the field that was a consultant in Kuwait after the Gulf war.

Wellness Spa Party

Special Wellness Spa Party


Looking for something to do for a Christmas Party, a girls night out or even a weekend conference. EV might have the right combination for you.

Need a Gift Certificate For Christmas?

Got that special person that just has everyhing? You have been agonizing on what to get them for months but just don't know what to do? And giving money just doesn't crack it.


Do you have a loved one that you know could benefit from the services at Essential Vitality but they would never go out and try it themselves? 


Maybe a gift certificate is the way to go. Maybe the gift of Natural Health is the way to go.

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Want to try our services for FREE?


Flu season is upon I have other choices?

Who do I listen too? Who is right? Do I not have a choice? Can you tell me how I am hurting others who choose to vaccinate when I choose not too? Why are people telling me I don't have the right to choose? How can this choice be a religious right? Are all people who choose not to vaccinate doing it because of religious rights?


These are all valid questions. And the goal of this article is not to discredit anyone for making a choice but to empower them to do the research to determine what is right for them. 


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