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6 Reasons Your Natural Health Therapy Does Not Work - Part 1

Yes that is right, I am a practitioner that is going to blog about this. You might be surprised at what you here.

This will be a series because it is almost impossible to put all this information into one article and give you good information. We would only be skirting around the outter areas of the problem.

10 signs that show HK is working on me!

Some people are more sensitive to the energy and some people just don't feel it. That doesn't mean that HK isn't working on them. For more people, working with them is like peeling an onion. It takes the removal of layers upon layers...

HK not just for health.....

Health Kinesiology is not just for health. Sometimes it is just needed for those that are just caught in a rut! Giving clarity of mind, opening up creative thinking, or just helping people to allow themselves to think outside the box requires expertise of a Health Kinesiology practitioner.....

"New" - Group Sessions

We want to try something new. Well to me it is not really new as I have partaken in these group sessions throughout most of my training. But in lieu of the fact that many people have fears due to the instability of the economy and their life goals, I thought I would try some of these sessions to see if we get a good response.

Planning for a Health Kinesiology Class maybe this fall - Anyone interested?

Saskatchewan has only one health kinesiology practitioner in the province - That's me!

We need more HK practitioners so I am hoping to do something about it. No, I am not qualified to teach the class, I have just finalized my exams however I have made the first steps to bring Linda - My Instructor - in the near future to have a class

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