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Custom-made Orgonite Tools


These are a few Orgonite tools that I made. I can now custom make these for your needs.

Price depends on how much and what we put in them. The can be made for such things as;

Feeling Anxious,Stressed or Depressed Lately?

Mind is foggy? Medication isn't helping? Stomach is in knots? Unexplained Pain or inflammation? Shaking in fright? Can't get control of your feelings? You are not alone......

Snow Molds & Springtime Allergies

Spring time allergies are just coming into bloom. Looking for a more permanent solution. Watch the video below for more information.

This is the first video on a series of videos I hope to do in the next few months.....

Natural Chronic Pain Management

The pain mechanism can be a complicated thing and those with chronic pain issues know how difficult it is to live with it. Certain times of the year have more triggers and flare-ups for some people. Have you exhausted all your avenues? Maybe there is one therapy that you haven't considered.....

Emotions & Health

Contrary to the believe of most people, your emotions play an important part in you health. They can keep you healthy or they can actually kill you over time.

We Accept the following at our appointments;

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