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Snow Mold season is here

For Saskatchewan residents it has been a very mild winter.

Already I have seen a lot of allergies coming into my practice. Snow molds are the worst of them all. Find help the natural way.

What is HK? FREE Webinar

Health Kinesiology has been around for 40 years. However, it is relatively new in Saskatchewan. Many other provinces have enjoyed the expertise of the practitioners within their borders but Saskatchewan has not been privy to the advantages of this profession.

We are conducting FREE webinars to show you what this profession is about. This is ideal for not only people interested in the service but those researching the field as a future career. We would like to recruit more practitioners within the walls of Saskatchewan.

Is Beef Hormone Free?

Found this one on Twitter the other day and ooooohhhh, I smelled a blog article coming on. To be quite frank about it, I was actually hot under the collar. More propaganda designed to trick the population into believing & buying into a harmful plot....

I am needing your help

I am asking if anyone is willing to help me. I am down to a wire now and really some help before a deadline. Let me explain.

Online Appointments becoming more popular

Online Appointments You may wonder how Health Kinesiology can work so well online. And you may wonderful why online appointments are so popular. In this article I am hoping to dis-spell some of the myths about online appointments.

We Accept the following at our appointments;

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