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Addictions are laced thru our society stronger than ever. Some people don't even realize the power it has on you. I estimate that more than 90% of the people have an addiction of some sort....

Sabotaging our own healing process....

In western medicine we have had it engraved into our thoughts to search for an answer, a diagnosis, a name of our situation. But what does this really do for us? Do we really need a name for our condition to receive healing? Let's examine it a little closer. Do we really sabotage ourselves when we look for such answers?

5 Links to safety information on Natural Supplements verses Pharmaceuticals

Big Pharma would have you believe that their methods are safer. Spreading propaganda through the world, many have fallen for this. But the statistics say it all.....

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Weighted Blankets proven useful for those with autism

Another article by David Wolfe discussing the benefits of weighted Blankets. ...

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