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How Dirty Is Your Water?


Join the excitement and raise money for Autism. 

Come join in this competition and have fun while raising money for Autism. Our clients are enjoying this service, it's health benefits and partaking in a competition that helps others as well as their own needs. Numerous prizes and rewards for the dirties, cleanest and most interesting colored water....

Group HK Sessions in PA

Essential Vitality Presents


“Group Sessions”



Health Kinesiology.....a Better Solution!

Health Kinesiology......

It is not easy to describe Health Kinesiology (HK) in just a few words. It is a discipline that utilizes muscle testing, acupuncture, the meridians and energy to help people on

  • A physical Level
  • A Psychological Level
  • A Nutritional Level
  • And/or a Spiritual Level

FREE Online Health Kinesiology Group Session

When you have no other choices available, try Health Kinesiology


This week's Session is based on Anxiety & Depression


The cold remedy Big Pharma may not want you to know...

Season of colds and flu getting you? My husband and I hardly get them but this past week after Christmas was just about a killer to us. 

We Accept the following at our appointments;

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