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This about sums up our society today

I saw this originally about a year ago but I do believe it sums up our pill-pushing society. Sad but true, we have opened ourselves up to this kind of strategy in life!  Big Pharma survives on keeping us sick and thru this you can see why.


Not sure if Health Kinesiology is all we say it is?! Thinking its another farce?! Do you think that if no one else was able to do anything, why would health kinesiology help?

Well you are not alone. More than half of our clients have had similar reservations before they decided to come give health kinesiology a try. And more than 90 per cent of our client have been happy with the results.

Various Health Issues


One of the first things I am asked when someone finds out about my health kinesiology practice.....Can it help my ____________?

The simple answer would be "Yes" but all people are individuals and we won't know how much until we actually do an assessment on you.

Many come to an HK appointment for help with chronic illness. And for many chronic illness, HK has been reported to help manage or even assist in the treatment of it.

Health kinesiology is not just limited to aches, pains, allergies and/or psychological area. Hk works on an energetic level of any situation. And it is only limited by the client's willingness to accept healing and the degree of damage that is already done....

Stress, Anxiety, Depression

I often have people coming to me for stress, anxiety or depression. In today's Society, it seems that we are on Stress overload.

Whether it is coming from work, family life or from all angles, many people just do not have a good hang on how to deal with it.

Finances, Marital stress, Sickness, deadlines, school, peer pressure....are all just a few items that can contribute to stress. The problem is, do we recognize all of this. Often it can lead to more exasperated conditions including (but not limited to) anxiety or depression.

Head Injuries, ABI'S & Concussions

Brain injuries of any sort need quick attention . The risk of lasting uncomfortable effects can cause lasting uneasant results.

We have had experience in working with both fresh ABI'S and long term ABI'S. 

We Accept the following at our appointments;

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