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Nutrition & Health Kinesiology



Often I am asked what kind of appointment does a person need. They have nutritional needs and also physical needs. I can do nutrition work in both appointments. What is the difference?

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain, regardless of its source, can be dabilitating. For many North Americans, their every waking and sleeping moment is centered around it. 

Hyperactivity, ADHD, Learning Disabilities




For some people, it is a struggle every day to stay on task. For others, the task of learning is a problem.

Whether you have  something like ADHD, or another learning disability that prevents you from moving forward in life, there is hope out there.


Allergies & Sensitivities

Stuffy or runny Nose? Flem in the throat? Abdominal Cramping? Food aversions?  Food Craving? Sneezing? General Unwellness? Hives?

Feeling any of these? Or feeling these with other symptoms? You MAY have allergy symptoms?

So many more people today have allergies than ever before? Why?

new video about HK

Here is  a new video that we just released about Health Kinesiology

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