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Hi, My name is Shannon, and I am Saskatchewan's first Health Kinesiology Practitioner. 

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Quote to Remember;

This condition does not control me. It is not who I am. And it is not a part of my identity.

I will survive without the attention or advantages I get from having this. With it, I am missing out on something greater in life than what that attention or advantage to this conditions gives me.

Therefore, I alone have the power to change my destiny. It is in my power to overcome this.

I will do whatever necessary to take the control away from this condition. I will take back my life!



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What is Health Kinesiology

No, we are not talking about the kinesiology degree that a physical education instructor in high school would obtain. However, the Kinesiology we are referring to does involve "the study of the mechanics of body movements" as define by the 1990 edition Oxford Concise Dictionary.

Health Kinesiology utilizes energy meridians and your muscles to help indicate where the body may need help. By zeroing in on a single muscle - like the upper or lower arm, or the quad muscle, the body can signal what it wants and needs, and can communicate a wealth of information.


We focus largely on some of the well layed out science that the Chinese have been using for several thousands of years - the meridians....which are basically like your own electrical system within your body. However, no needles are used as they do in acupuncture. We focus on bringing your body into balance, reducing the stressors and making corrections according to the needs of the body.

Many people have experienced the use of "Muscle Testing" from chiropractors and naturopathic doctors. The truth is, different forms of Kinesiology are being utilized throughout the naturopathic industry. This is only a tip of the iceberg of what Kinesiology can do for a person.

Our method falls in the naturopathic category. And it fits nicely in with our other areas of expertise including nutrition management and aroma therapy.

HK has helped people in areas of;


  • Energy balance
  • Psychological stresses
  • Sensitivities, in tolerances to environmental, bodily and even food substances.
  • Nutrition
  • Sleeping/resting issues
  • Stresses and emotion
  • Emotional pain
  • managing physical pain
  • Thinking processes and helping to re-establish connection pathways
  • Finding the right energy protector for you (eg; protection from WIFI, Cellular, Computer monitors and more)
  • And more

Everyone's kinesiology experience is unique and tailored to the individual. We can only address what the body requests us to address.

Kinesiologist are not medical doctors and do not give out medical diagnosis or treatments. And we do not recommend the stopping or starting of any treatment and/or medications. It is the responsibility of the client to consult their GP or naturopath on any medical problem that they may be alerted to in a session.

All new clients will be required to fill in a "Client Intake" form. The practitioner, reserves the right to have a signed consent or clarification from your medical doctor before proceeding with any session.





We are no longer offering FREE appointments in HK. Our licensing body expects us to charge (as a student in level 4) approximately $20 for an appointment. Fees will go up slightly with each level until we have acquired our practitioner certification.


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