Natural BioEnergetics

1 Chronicles 9:29 - "Some of them also were appointed to oversee the vessels and all the instruments of the sanctuary, and the fine flour, and the wine, and the oil, and the frankincense, and the spices."

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Natural BioEnergetics is a formal discipline that....

  • Has been around world-wide for 40 years.
  • Was developed on strong scientific research protocols.
  • Has been noted to manage wellness for many clients who otherwise struggle.
  • Works on the natural bio-energy system that mainstream therapies often don’t reach.
  • Is great as both a compliment to current therapies and as a stand alone.
  • It has been very useful in areas of/for; anxiety/depression, pain management, mysterious/unusual illness/symptom investigations, and so much more.
  • And Natural BioEnergetics can be a great Sleuthing method to help determine your individual Body need's to promote a natural self healing environment for it.

We will be doing In-Home Visits Once or Twice a month

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 So what is Natural BioEnergetics?

Let's first take a look at how a normal body is to work.

...Has normal cells within it that carry on regular activities everyday to keep it well.

These cells work much like your everyday local community forming mutually beneficial  relationships with each other and interacting much as you would with your family and/or friends.

They communicate, transfer information, store memories (or data) and carry  out normal functions as you or I would. ….Very much like a computer.



But over time.....


...And sometime without thought, our bodies (and cells) are exposed to environmental stressors, geopathic stressors and poor lifestyle choices.  Corrupt data, memory glitches & circuit breakdowns occurs. Still very much like a computer with improper care.

If left long enough, these minor breakdowns will often result in disease states much like a computer that freezes or gives the blue screen of death!





 We will be doing In-Home Visits Once or Twice a month

Book Appointment Online - $80 at appointment


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NB Works......


...In the body to repair the corrupted data, the memory glitches and the circuit breakdowns on the BioEnergy level….

...Thus allowing the body to start the natural self-healing process it was originally designed to do.

NB can also be used to determine the body’s needs not only bio-energetically, but nutritionally, environmentally & geobiologically to promote a well rounded healthy lifestyle.


What to Expect....

NB is used to manage your wellness unlike western medicine that manages disease! Our goals are to bring you body back into alignment so that it can maintain wellness.

At the first appointment, it may be filled with more fact finding. But some care and attention will be taken to doing some balancing and a small amount of session work! The facilitator may also immediately send you home with some nutritional (or other) homework!

Corrections will be set up utilizing the BioEnergy system and they may be any combination of physical, mental thought or even psychological in nature. Even if your issue is more physical in nature, do not be too concerned if mental or thought based corrections come up. This can be a normal part of any issue!

The facilitator will instruct you on what to do throughout the session. Because there are such a long list of corrections that could be done, it would be impossible to give you an exact idea of exactly what would happen unlike many other modalities that only stick to a certain or single technique. NB is an advanced discipline taking many years to train in and therefore focuses on advanced methods to work with a client similar to acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and other similar professional disciplines. No two sessions are alike!

Some people do notice something immediately and others may take several sessions before they even notice the slightest changes. Don't be too caught up in this. Every issue is different and issues seldom take one session to work through. Some issues take one or two sessions a month for several months. But unless you are in acute distress, most situations do not need more than a session or two a month so your body can process the work given to it.


We will be doing In-Home Visits Once or Twice a month

Book Appointment Online - $80 at appointment


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