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Hi, My name is Shannon, and I am Saskatchewan's first Health Kinesiology Practitioner. 

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Quote to Remember;

This condition does not control me. It is not who I am. And it is not a part of my identity.

I will survive without the attention or advantages I get from having this. With it, I am missing out on something greater in life than what that attention or advantage to this conditions gives me.

Therefore, I alone have the power to change my destiny. It is in my power to overcome this.

I will do whatever necessary to take the control away from this condition. I will take back my life!



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What is Wellness Coaching





We have a slightly different approach to Nutrition. Our Nutritional (now called wellness coaching) appointments are designed to help you get a good start to kick starting your body to a cleaner, healthier new start.

These appointments can be utilizes for areas of nutrition including;

  1. Weight Mananagement
  2. General wellness and/or wellness approaches for conditions or illnesses.
  3. Goal setting and or plan developing.
  4. Basic Nutritional Consulting
  5. Allergy, sensitivities
  6. Determination of supplement requirements, brands, etc.


These appointments are tailored to the individual's needs and and are not designed necessarily for just weight loss. We simply work with your goals. And we will work with a any of a variety of natural modalities to help develop a game plan that will work for you whether your goal is weight loss, maintenance, situation dietary coaching, supplement requirements or more.

The initial appointment will require a dietary evaluation to be filled out and gone over with the facilitator to determine needs and goals. Further natural health techniques will be used to develop a game plan that will aid you in accomplishing your goals. We may tap into various modalities including aromatherapy, detoxification or even health kinesiology to determine your needs.

We will also focus in on education in areas of meal preparation, shopping and food choices. We focus on a holistic approach in Nutrition and can educate you on better choices for your lifestyle.

These appointments can beneficial in areas of;

  • Complimenting any other weight management program or can be used as a guide for one on its own.
  • For maintaining chronic conditions.
  • Determining natural supplement needs (not to be considered to replace doctor prescribed medications and prescriptions.)
  • Determining food sensitivities, providing some corrections, etc. It is advised that small amounts of food samples are brought to your appointment in a sealed bag or glass container (unless it is a substance of anaphalatic response - please avoid bring g these)
  • Goal setting and plan developing.
  • And more


We have developed this nutritional system as a broad program that can be used to be adapted to larger spectrum of needs and therefore tailored to each individuals goals and needs.


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