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Shannon is the first and only certified Natural BioEnegetics professional in Saskatchewan. Although Natural BioEnergetics has been an extensive treatment around the world, it has only recently that it has come to Saskatchewan through Shannon. It is scientifically and one of the leading professional for realignment of BioEnergy and the body. It doesn’t just focus on toning the system like most modalities. Rather it works on fixing the pathways that normally allow the body to self heal. Once they are fixed, the body can start the self-healing process.

Another area that sets Natural BioEnergetics apart from some of the other modalities that touch in the BioEnergy areas is the amount of training involved. There are 10 levels of training that require a specific amount of practical experience and testing. In order to qualify as a practitioner in Canada, one must complete level six, write a two-part four-hour exam, do a practical exam, have 250 corrections performed by other practionioner on themselves, and complete at least 10 case studies and hand them in for evaluation. Shannon completed her certification in 2016 and has now completed her level 10 plus several other extra curricular training both through the Natural BioEnergetics, the Alternative medicine college in Canada and Quantum University where she is working towards her PhD in Natural Medicine.

Strongly based in science, Natural BioEnergetics, does not need to dive into cultish areas of practice and new age propaganda to cover up the true explanation of what it does. We highly encourage you to check out the rest of the website to learn more about what Natural BioEnergetics has to offer.

Shannon works with clients out of Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Regina. And now she is providing convenient online appointments for those unable to travel to those centres. Through the Vitality Squad, a membership system developed for natural health coverage, she is now providing unlimited access to online group session work a couple evenings a week. More information can be found at The Vitality Squad. 

Shannon also focuses on self education. It is important that client understand that they have the ability to heal themselves through proper knowledge. Natural BioEnergetics professionals around the world focus of teaching and coaching their clients into understanding the basics of wellness so they have more control over their own health.

Alongside the natural health education, Shannon has a medical laboratory technology background. Incorporating the knowledge from both sides of the fences helps her in educating her clients to make the best decision possible for their health. 

Other services are also available at various Essential Vitality Locations: The Ionic Foot Cleanse, Pressotherapy, BioResonance Scanning and Laser Lipo. Please check your location to see what services are offered for you. More in-depth descriptions on each service is available at each location of the website.

One of the most frustrating things for most clients is that natural coverage is limited to either certain modalities or certain amount of hours. Alongside other natural health professionals, Shannon has developed The Vitality Squad to combat some of these difficulties. More information can be found on this site under membership Pricing.

Essential Vitality Endeavors to help those find the solutions they have been looking for in their wellness journey.