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Hi, My name is Shannon, and I am Saskatchewan's first Health Kinesiology Practitioner. 

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Quote to Remember;

This condition does not control me. It is not who I am. And it is not a part of my identity.

I will survive without the attention or advantages I get from having this. With it, I am missing out on something greater in life than what that attention or advantage to this conditions gives me.

Therefore, I alone have the power to change my destiny. It is in my power to overcome this.

I will do whatever necessary to take the control away from this condition. I will take back my life!



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Flu season is upon I have other choices?

Who do I listen too? Who is right? Do I not have a choice? Can you tell me how I am hurting others who choose to vaccinate when I choose not too? Why are people telling me I don't have the right to choose? How can this choice be a religious right? Are all people who choose not to vaccinate doing it because of religious rights?


These are all valid questions. And the goal of this article is not to discredit anyone for making a choice but to empower them to do the research to determine what is right for them. 



I don't have an issue with the basic idea of vaccination. After all, if I did would I be willing to even support homeopathic vaccinations? My stance is more about what's in them and what could potentially be in them. 


Let's go to to some of these question and combat them individually.


Who do I listen to?


This article is simply being written to encourage you to go with your gut only after you do the research. Has there been adverse reactions? Yes there has. Are they as minimal as the general public says? No they have not. And they come in many different forms. In fact I even question if some of my problems later in life stem from later versions of some vaccinations. I cannot it prove it but there is enough circumstancial evidence to make you wonder.


Only after you have done a full investigation should you make your decision. Either way, there could be consequences. And only you can determine what is right for you.


Who is right?


There are valid reasons on both sides of the coin. And no one side has the right to criticize the other side for their choice. As I said above, you have to determine what evidence holds the most weight for you. 


There are many people who have chosen not to engage in the flu shot. These people get along fine in life without. Everyone has their own reasons for not getting the shot. The amount of people that the flu kills every year is minimal compared to many other diseases. And I question if some of those statics are really inflated due to secondary infections. But for some reason it is made into a huge affair.


But recent evidence has also indicated that the manufacturers of the flu shot have also been experimenting on the general public in their flu shots. Two years ago, a funny virus seemed to go around once the flu shots began being administrated that had conflicting symptoms that didn't align up as viral symptoms. These symptoms seemed to appear in the non-vaccinated and we're most like spread by the vaccinated. An engineered virus was a funny way to prove their point yet that same year they released information that the flu shot was virtually ineffective because it did not carry the strain that was actually going around.


Does this influence some people's sure can.


Do I have a choice? Why are people saying I don't have a right to choose.


Yes you do and no-one has the right to tell you otherwise. Yes, the push is to take that away but as long as you have the right to exercise it, utilize it. 


Many arguments that people present come out of the same scare tactics that they are using against you. And when they choose not to investigate the facts, they impede upon other people's rights. Fear builds a great case but it may not be fact driven. That's all you have to remember. Investigate all.


Can you tell me how I am hurting others who choose to vaccinate by choosing not too?


The simple answer is you are not hurting anyone if you go by their logic. You are right to wonder about this question. It's a scare tactic.


In a perfect world, if you are vaccinated, then according to their own logic everyone should be immune to any flu virus you may carry. But you read between the lines, you realize that they are admitting that the flu shot (and any other vaccinations) are not as effective as they make it out to be.


Many still get the flu or they get flu like symptoms after receiving the shot. And many times they get this for months after. Are they contagious? They mostly likely are. In fact most outbreaks have traced patient zero back to a vaccinated person.


How is this a religious choice? 


Well that doesn't go for everyone. Most people who have made a decision not to vaccinate are not making it on a religious based decision. However there are some sounds facts in the Bible that do back up the whole religious end.


As a former purebred dog breeders, I microchip dogs. There is a whole group that believe that "The Mark of the Beast" (Revelations 13:16-17) will be incorporated at partially at a microchip. And how is a microchip implanted.....but through a needle. 


Once the mark of the beast is implanted in us, it is believed that we will be denied entrance into heaven. And they will not be able to buy or sell or conduct normal affairs. Already, there has been implantation of these chips for the sake of financial transactions in some parts of the world.


But there are other reasons that Christians hold dear as for whether vaccinations should or should not be utilized including the fact the some vaccinations utilize the lung tissue in aborted fetus '. Clearly this would be a violation of the pro-life view of all Christians. Visit here for more information on religious views for no vaccination. 


Some what's the verdict?


Essentially it comes down to one thing. Have you done your own due diligence to research the topic? The right answer is what you decide.


I personally have decided not to vaccinate. I have outlined many of those reasons above. But just because you choose differently or use different reasons to make your decision does not make the decision less important.


Starting in November, 


....I will be offering 1/2 hour consultations on your options, information of alternative choices and the offer of some HK corrections to help support your immune system.....for only $20. These do not have to be individual appointments. The whole family is welcome in these appointments. 


And even if you have your flu shot, you are still welcome to come. You may need consultation on heavy metal detoxification or some of the after effects from the vaccination process.


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